I’m Mistress Winnifred from Amsterdam

Here I want to tell you something about myself and how my life in B&D and S&M started. For years I have been totally crazy about PVC, leather and latex clothes and preferably the tight fitting of them.


I also liked and still like thigh high boots with high heels. Oh, how did I long for those high boots in former days. But then it was: ‘ you can buy them but when and where are you going to wear them? ‘

When I started with S&M, and certainly when we started to go to parties, I had a good excuse to buy these sort of clothes and shoes. And so I’ve certainly been doing ! You better come over and have a look.

HOW IT ALL STARTED…. Together with my  former slave  we were  able to play the game of S&M. One daymy slave had found the address of an SM-café in Amsterdam. So we went there to have a look around. It was really cosy in there. The next time we went there we took some “equipment” with us because we maybe could play some games. There was a SM cellar, which was closed off by a hatch, where people could play. For a certain amount of money they could close the hatch so you could play your game without being disturbed.

But if you didn’t want to pay, the hatch stayed open and all those who wanted could come in and look at your play. We decided to keep the hatch open. At least it wasn’t very crowded and the possibility that someone would come in and look was according to us very small. At last some people came in yet to look and we really liked it! One of the bartenders in the SM cafe started a magazine (FetishLights) with news from the fetish scene.

Several weeks later my slave saw an ad in FetishLights:The SM café was looking for a Mistress. He foolishly callenged me by saying that I wouldn`t dare to respond to the ad……… He got severely punished for that….


With my dominant nature I could not let the challenge go unanswered. I applied for the job and got accepted. It was no problem that I didn’t have any experience as professional Mistress . I would be trained and guided by Mistress Gerda. I would work one day in the week, and although I had some doubts at first, I found out that being a professional Mistress is a great job! I love it!

HOW IT WENT ON….. After a year the atmosphere in the café changed and I didn’t work there with pleasure anymore. We had agreed that I could stop it by then and so it happened………

Of course I didn’t reckon with the possibility that some of my regular slaves would mind it that much. We then agreed they could visit me in my own SM-loft which I had at home. It was going very well and both sides liked it very much. In the end, after due consideration, we decided to place an advertisement in a newspaper called: “De Telegraaf”.

For several years I enjoyed receiving people in my SM-loft. One evening, a Mistress and her husband were visiting us. This Mistress had her own studio and some other businesses as well. But now her other businesses took so much of her time, that she had to refuse people more and more to come to her studio. She simply didn’t have time for it anymore.

That was something she didn’t like and therefore she wanted to quit. She already knew we were looking for another location and so she offered to take over her studio. Perfect! I thought it was the most beautiful studio of the Netherlands, and we’ve seen a lot of them. Totally to our liking!

I rented the studio for several years but you know how it is: rent increases. I got too expensive. I decided to buy my own building… I did… Come, visit and let me show my place!